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Xanh Marketing is a digital creative agency. We have been doing creative work based on our understanding of human nature and brand nature.

To us, marketing is happyness, and doing marketing is creating and sharing happyness. We digest every piece of Vietnamese culture and get inspiration from everything to tell inspiring stories in a digital environment.

Digital environment is making communications playground more and more achievable for businesses at any size. With deep-dyed knowledge of its platforms, channels and tools, we believe that we are making the most of it to serve our clients.

We are happy to be...

A member of interstellar group (from 7/2016).
interstellar is a holdings of Vietnamese marketing & communications agencies with the vision of being one of the top agencies in South-East Asia and helping international brands to enter a very prosperous market with our local insights; at the same time, we also want to promote local products to the region of similar characteristics.

A member of ANTS group (from 3/2017).
ANTS is SEA‘s leading integrated programmatic advertising SaaS platform, a leader in online advertising space in South-East Asia. ANTS provides the technology platform and creates the marketplace for publishers, agencies/advertisers, as well as other third party players with a comprehensive range of digital advertising technologies, online user data solutions, and audience management systems.

Strategic partner of Comma Media, Redcat Motion, Teha, Reputable, CTL.

We are expert in...

- Lean Digital Transformation
- Brand Strategy
- Branded Content & Creative Communication
- Social Communication Management
- Paid Media Optimization
- Digital Performance

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Our principles

- Creative is not ideas, creative is solutions.
- Good is not enough, “WOW!” is what we find.
- One vision, one team.
- Result-oriented.
- Keep following three values: happiness, human nature, brand nature

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Lean Digital

#LeanDigitalTransformation #DigitalTransformation

The right digital transformation campaign can lead to faster processing to higher revenues, as well as reduced errors and a stronger customer experience.

- insight-driven research (customers/employees/competitors)
- commercial models & platform
- technology & strategic communications
- e-commerce
- finance, human resource & legal

Brand Strategy


To lead in the new digital world, choosing the right direction is very important. Whether you’re transforming your business or accessing new markets, we guide the way.

- Brand Positioning
- Brand Portfolio Strategy
- Brand Story
- Branding & Packaging

Branded Content &
Creative Communication

#Creative #Digital #CSR

Does your business have a story to share? Great. Let’s make the consumers hear it!

+ Concept Planning
+ Traditional, Digital
+ Integrated content
* TVC & Advertising Content (Video, Visual, Copy)
+Website UX/UI
+ Mobile app
+ Interactive device
+ Corporate brand
+ Internal communication
+ CSR Campaign
+ PR stunt
+ PR content
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Social Communication

#Content #Performance #Influence #Activation

Brands won’t be successful if they’re just talking at the audience by pushing out content; they should be talking with the audience through the extension of community management. It humanizes the brand and creates relationships with consumers.

- Always-on content
- Influencers and kols management
- Community management
- Contest management
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Digital Performance

#Platform #Media #Performance #Automation

We give advice to our client partners who need a solution to adapt their communications and marketing to the reality of a digitalized society and consumer effectively.

+ Google: AdWords, GDN, Youtube (In-Stream, TrueView In-Stream, In Search, and InVideo Ads)
+ Social Promoted Advertising (Facebook, Instagram)
+ Remarketing and Retargeting Direct
+ Display Network
+ OTT: Skype, Viber, Zalo…
+ Content strategy
+ Content optimization & production
+ Content management
+ Content distribution
+ Content operation and tracking
+ Brand monitoring
+ Dashboard
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River Mark Villa, 220 Tran Nao,
Binh An Ward, District 2, HCM city