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Khóa Việt-Tiệp

Scope of Work:

  • Content Production
  • Media Optimization (Facebook Ads)

For a long time, we have partnered with Khóa Việt-Tiệp to create always-on-content for their products on many platforms: from website blog posts to social platforms like Facebook.

It’s our pride to be working with Khoá Việt-Tiệp all these times, let’s take a look at what we’re currently doing 😀

Innoviti Smartlock

To promote for Việt-Tiệp Innoviti Smartlock, which is a new technology smart-lock model developed to keep houses even more secure by using fingerprints, PIN, cards… to unlock, we created this adhoc campaign.

First, we made a clean and modern video to demonstrate the product and impress customers. Watch it here!

Along with the video, we also created always-on-content on Việt-Tiệp fanpage and blog posts on website.

This will give customers more information after watching the videos, and also to amplify how important it is to have a Viêt-Tiệp Innoviti Smartlock in your house.


Writing blog posts is something we need to do every month. At Khóa Việt-Tiệp, we try to deliver as much information as possible to customers through blog posts. Introducing new products and providing resolutions for customers’ needs are some of the major topics that we focus on writing.

Facebook Content

Beside writing blog posts, we’re also in charge of making social posts on Khóa Việt-Tiệp Facebook page. We try our best to deliver information to the customers via professional and eye-catchy posts.

Take a closer look at our works for Khóa Việt-Tiệp!

We think that’s all for now.

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