Campus Vietnam always-on-content


Campus Vietnam

Scope of Work:

  • Content Production
  • Media Optimization (Media booking, Facebook Ads)

We had so much fun going back to school life while executing Campus Vietnam’s always-on-content :D.

From lovely social posts to mischievous comic series, we put in a lot of efforts to communicate with high school students in a cute and trendy way, so that they would feel connected with Campus – a Japanese stationary brand that helps students studying quicker and more effective.

Comic Series

In each episode of the comic series, we provided a story related to student’s studying problems and how to solve them with the help of Campai, a senior brother to students. Take a look at some of our comic!

Facebook Content

Here are some of our posts for Campus fanpage 😉

After this project, we’re proud with our achievements! Campus Vietnam has tighten its connection with high school students, who are the core target audiences. Many posts have gained the love from audiences and received a lot of likes and reations and it made us very happy after all the hard works ^_^

We think that’s all for now.

You can take a look at Campus Vietnam fanpage to see more of what we did.

If you want to see more of our works, don’t be afraid to click here for Xanh’s creative credential 😉

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