Fonterra – Đủ Vị Hạnh Phúc


Đủ Vị Hạnh Phúc



Scope of Work:

  • Creative Concept Planning
  • Content Production (Shooting, Facebook AWO)
  • POSM Production
  • Workshop Organizer
  • Media Optimization (Media booking, Facebook Ads)

Have you ever wondered what happiness tastes like?

We came up with that question one day and thought the idea of “Đủ vị hạnh phúc” would go perfectly with Fonterra’s Anchor whipping cream. Just imagine when you taste the whipping cream, you also taste true happiness.


Before designing the POSM, we sketched out some of our ideas. You can see how everything came together: from the black and white sketches, to the colorful ones, and then they turned into the beautiful banners below. \m/

Behind the scenes

You can see in the picture below, a member of our team is trying his best to capture the model’s happiness with the drinks. The final products look appealing, don’t they? 😉

Photographer: Phú
Food stylish: Phương Anh (AnhYu Photography)

Let’s take a look at some of the clean mockups that we did for Fonterra!


Facebook Content

We think that’s all for now.

You can take a look at Fonterra fanpage and enjoy our “Đủ vị hạnh phúc” campaign 😀

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