VNG – Đời đẹp lắm cùng VNG 2018


Đời đẹp lắm cùng VNG 2018


VNG Corporate

Scope of Work:

  • Creative Communications Planning (Facebook and website)
  • Organizer of "Let VNG Internet your town" Contest (website and Facebook)
  • Website development
  • Content Production (Facebook, website and PR articles)
  • Composer of "Đời đẹp lắm, cùng VNG"
  • Animation video production
  • Media Optimization (Media booking, Group seeding, Facebook Ads Google Ads)

Before making the animation video, we even did some amazing sketches with all of our dedication to make sure the video appear more lively in audience’s eyes.

Remember the orange bus in our sketches? We care about details, so in the end, we decided to add in some finishing touch to make it even cuter.

And these are the mockups we made *proud face*.


Content Production:

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