– Chỉ một nơi duy nhất 2019


Chỉ một nơi duy nhất


Scope of Work:

  • Strategic Branding Planning
  • Video Production
Back to our childhood, we always expected that "one night only" with happy memories we've been dreaming of.
Understanding this point, we came up with "Chỉ một nơi duy nhất" ( - One place only, a place with everything the customers need).
This term is also the signature tune of the "Lô tô" show- a crowded, exciting place to go and have fun.
We also played around and found the similarity between LOTTE and LOTTERY, that was why we developed the concept of "Lô tô Show" (Lô tô = Lottery, Lottery = LOTTE :P).
And it just so happened that the campaign took place on Tet holiday, what a coincidence! (you know it was not *coughing*).
From ideation, sketching..
to how we defined and developed the final concept of "LOTTEry fair"
and we bet you know how things buzzed 😛 What can drew more attention than a love triangle between Nhã Phương, Trường Giang and Nam Em? Having Nam Em as the main KOL for this campaign is a bold but impressive and effective move of


see some cool Lottery-styled dance moves we created below \m/

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